Rodent Control

Rodents pose a threat to health and safety of people at residence and to the commercial premises also. Contaminating consumables, destroying valuable goods and chewing through cables and wires, they not only spread diseases but also cause short circuits and fires.

Our rodent control services involve careful inspection and constant vigilance. All inlets are sealed, baits and traps are placed at various spots and the most powerful, yet safest second generation rodenticides are used to make the premises rodent-proof.

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Mumbai has only 31men on frontline of battle with rats

An RTI reply has revealed that this is the number of night rat killers (NRKs) on whom the BMC primarily depends

Railway traps over 200 rats after complaints from Rajdhani riders

The Western Railway (WR) has trapped more than 200 rats in a month at its yard in Mumbai Central following a rash of complaints about the pest menace aboard the Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express.